securing large open or wooded spaces efficientlysecuring large open or wooded spaces efficiently

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securing large open or wooded spaces efficiently

Securing a large campground is not an easy task. Wanting to know who is on the grounds at all times to provide those who are registered a safe and enjoyable visit is something that our camp took seriously. Our blog shows you different ways to utilize security systems to help monitor the comings and goings of large open spaces that are surrounded by woods and streams. We hope that all of our trial and error will help you find the security solutions that are most beneficial for your property and suit your needs perfectly. Take your time and read through each scenario to benefit the most.

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Installing Home Security Cameras: Where Should The Cameras Go?

Security cameras deliver a range of benefits, from deterring theft to helping you monitor activity around your home while you are away. The key to making the most of your security system is to place the cameras strategically. Here are a few helpful hints you can use when choosing where to install your new home security cameras.

Facing The Street

Having a camera facing the street in front of your home can be helpful in identifying anyone approaching the house. The camera can pick up people as they walk past your home, and it can also capture images of any suspicious cars parked in front of your house. This can provide useful information to police if you are ever the victim of a burglary. The camera can also make it easy to keep an eye on your children as they play in front of your home.

Every Entrance

Having a camera positioned over your front door is a great first step, but you should consider adding a camera to every entrance. This includes any separate doors leading to your basement and any sliding patio doors. With every point of entry covered, would-be thieves may be less likely to target your home.

Facing The Alley

If your garage is set toward the back of your property near an alley, having a camera positioned to record activity in the alley may be helpful. The camera can deter people from trying to enter your garage, and it can even help you to identify any wildlife that might be visiting your trash cans at night. Consider placing the camera so it has a view of the garage door as well as the alley, or use two separate cameras to expand your view.

The Sides Of Your Home

Any walkways along the side of your home may be difficult to see from the street or from your windows. Having cameras positioned in these areas can help to eliminate blind spots that thieves might use to gain entry into your home undetected. This is especially key if you have basement windows that can potentially be opened from the outside.

Proper Height Placement

No matter where you install your cameras, be sure that you place them high enough that a burglar can't tamper with them. If you do find that you have to place a camera relatively low to the ground, consider adding a motion-detecting light as an added deterrent. Be sure to keep all ladders secured inside your home or garage so they can't be used to access the camera system.

Once all of your cameras are in place, you can rest easy knowing that you can monitor all of the essential areas for suspicious activity and keep track of your family as they come and go.