securing large open or wooded spaces efficientlysecuring large open or wooded spaces efficiently

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securing large open or wooded spaces efficiently

Securing a large campground is not an easy task. Wanting to know who is on the grounds at all times to provide those who are registered a safe and enjoyable visit is something that our camp took seriously. Our blog shows you different ways to utilize security systems to help monitor the comings and goings of large open spaces that are surrounded by woods and streams. We hope that all of our trial and error will help you find the security solutions that are most beneficial for your property and suit your needs perfectly. Take your time and read through each scenario to benefit the most.

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4 Features Of Web-Based Access Control Systems That Might Interest You

Excellent security is a crucial feature for any business. A mechanical lock is the bare minimum necessary to keep unauthorized people from your facility. However, electronic locks can offer additional desirable features, especially when they're connected to a web-based access control system. Business owners install web-based access control systems for a number of reasons. Here are some features of this type of security system that you might be interested in:

1. Utilize web-based security feeds

Web-based access control systems can be easily wired to include security cameras. Security cameras can allow you or your security personnel to monitor numerous facilities in real-time. You can also program your security cameras to record footage for review at a later date. Stored security feeds can allow you to identify the culprit in case of suspicious or illegal activity. Web-based security feeds can even be accessed remotely using a PC or a mobile app.

2. Control access to multiple sites

Web-based access control systems can allow you to control access to multiple facilities with a single system. This style of security system will make it easy to standardize your security protocols across multiple sites. This feature can be especially helpful for businesses that rely on many offices or warehouses. Since your access control system will be connected to the internet, geographical location will pose no barrier. You can use the same system to control access to facilities that are located several cities or states away from each other.

3. Obtain an accurate log of building access

Web-based access control systems also make it easy to keep accurate records. Your access control system can automatically log the dates and times of each instance of business access. You can even determine which of your employees accessed your facility at a given time. This function will allow you to notice unusual patterns of access, which can stop theft. It can also help first responders in the event of a fire or accident. Knowing how many people are inside of the building during an emergency can help everyone make it out safely.

4. Learn about attempted security breaches as soon as they occur

A web-based access security system can also help you stay on top of attempted security breaches. Whenever access is attempted and denied to a restricted area, a log will be created. You can set up your system to alert you when this happens so attempted breaches can be taken care of promptly.